Honorary president                               Zhang Xixiang and Yang Zhimin

President (legal representative)         He Xiaorong

Vice president                                          Xu Bo, Hu Luolin, Liu Xueying, Li Yi, and Zhang Xueyong

Chief supervisor                                      Ma Lingling

Supervisor                                                Tao Juan, Zhu Sheng

Secretary general                                   Chang Xiaoqing

Directors                                                   He Xiaorong, Xu Bo, Hu Luolin, Liu Xueying, Li Yi, Zhang Xueyong, Chen Dongfeng, Huang Haiquan, Yuan Xin, Dai Xiaohua, Qiu Huizhong, Yan Zijian, Diao Yue, Luo Peng, Chang Xiaoqing, Guo Changyong, Shi Xingxiang, Tian Yun, Yi Lianping, Liu Hao, Li Gang, and Hong Fengjun




He Xiaorong

Graduated from Xidian University in electronic precision machinery, he has been engaged in the development, design and application of electromechanical equipment (CNC machine tools \ machining centers) and the foreign scientific and technological exchange and (spectrometer and signal generator) project introduction of large state-owned enterprises. A series of professional teaching materials he has translated include The Six Sigma Management, Hydraulic Excavator Research and Service Teaching Materials, Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator. As the founder and general manager of Chengdu Tongyi Business Consulting Co., Ltd., a senior service provider for many major international exchange activities such as EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair, Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, and UNWTO General Assembly, he owns more than 20 years of experience in international exchange. Besides, he serves as the off-campus master tutor and visiting professor of University of Electronic Science and technology of China, Southwest Minzu University and Chengdu University of technology, and the director of Xidian University Alumni Association of Sichuan.




Xu Bo

Graduated from School of Mathematics and Statistics, Wuhan University, he has served Datang Telecom, O2Micro and Huawei Technology successively. As the founder & CEO of Chengdu Didano Technology, he has more than 18 years of experience in the management of technology development and marketing. As an excellent high-tech enterprise representative, he participated in the visit of the Secretary of CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee in September 2019, and reported by CCTV's "News Broadcast" and "Focus Interview" on June 14, 2020. At present, he also serves as the member of Think Tank, Chengdu Development and Reform Commission, the vice president and education committee director of Chengdu Artificial Intelligence Industry Association, and the director of Wuhan University Alumni Association of Sichuan.


Hu Luolin

He is the founder and chairman of Chengdu Phaselock Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the director of several committees of Sichuan Institute of Electronics, and a senior engineer with master’s degree. With more than 20 patents, he has been engaging in the R&D of military instruments and microwave test system products. The company provides signal equipment, support equipment and supporting products for rocket force, army, navy, and air force. He has conducted or participated in the development of nearly 100 signal support products, such as microwave components, automatic test systems, communication interference equipment, and millimeter wave security inspection equipment. In addition, he also has solid theoretical foundation and rich engineering experience in phase-locked loop, instantaneous frequency measurement, proximity fuze, radar imaging, electronic testing and instruments.


Liu Xueying

As the founder and chairman of Chengdu RDW Technology Co., Ltd., she, a senior engineer, once served as the project chief designer of the 10th Research Institute, China Electronics Technology Group. In 2020, she was selected as an excellent talent of Chengdu New Economy "Double-hundred Project". RDW is a hi-tech enterprise with a whole industry chain of R&D, production and sales. Its main products include antennas and components for microwave and millimeter wave applications, widely used in military and some civil fields. She graduated from Xidian University in communication engineering.


Li Yi

As the chairman of Silk Road Renaissance Group Limited, he has been participating in and initiating governmental investment and financing, implementing enterprises’ achievement transformation and docking, investment and financing, and industrial parks’ landing, and providing listing guidance. With CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Certificate, he was graduated from School of Finance, Southwest University of Finance and Economics in international finance, and successively served with several investment banks and financial and fund institutions such as CICC and CDH Investment.


Xue Yongzhang

As the general manager of Sichuan Fahe Economic Consulting Co., Ltd., he has participated in the compilation of major legal construction projects such as Evaluation Index System of Legal Environment Construction in Chengdu Pilot Free Trade Zone, Regulations for the Campus Legal Culture Construction in Pengzhou and White Paper on the Public Legal Services in Shuangliu District. With 19 years of news gathering, editing and management experience, he is good at public opinion control, achievement promotion and activity planning. The first and second "Top Ten Legal Figures in Sichuan" planned and implemented by him received full affirmation and praise from provincial and municipal leaders




Chang Xiaoqing

Serving as the director of International Department, Chengdu Tongyi Business Consulting Co., Ltd., she is responsible for external liaison and international exchange affairs and owns rich experience as a C-E simultaneous interpreter. Invited by the provincial foreign affairs office and other authorities, she served as an accompanying interpreter for provincial and municipal leaders for many times. Graduated from Heriot-Watt University and Xi'an International Studies University with two masters’ degrees, she once served as a simultaneous interpreter at conferences of Scottish Parliament and Joint Conference of Confucius Institutes in Europe. At present, she is also an off-campus tutor or MTI practice tutor of University of Electronic Science and technology of China, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, and Southwest Minzu University. Additionally, she has been the judge group leader of Interpreting Contest of the Interpretation Contest of Sichuan for many years.


Information List



Position   & Title


Xu Bo

Chengdu Didano   Technology Co., Ltd.

Founder   and CEO

Vice   president of Chengdu Artificial Intelligence Industry Association

Hu Luolin

Chengdu Phaselock   Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Chairman   and founder

Senior   engineer

Liu Xueying

Chengdu RDW   Technology Co., Ltd.

Chairman   and founder

Senior   engineer

Li Yi

Silk Road Renaissance Group Limited


Chartered   Financial Analyst

Xue Yong Zhang

Sichuan Fahe Economic Consulting   Co., Ltd.

General   manager

Chen Dongfeng

Yanfeng Intelligent Technology   (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.


Huang Haiquan

Chengdu Kangsiwei Smart Energy Co.,   Ltd.

Founder   and CEO

Senior   engineer

owner of  15 patents

(incl. 7 U.S. invention patents)

Yuan Xin

Chengdu Association of Enterprise   with Foreign Investment (CAEFI)


Member of CPPCC Chengdu Municipal Committee

Dai Xiaohua

EU Project Innovation Center   (EUPIC)

General   manager

Qiu Huizhong

National University Science Park,   University of Electronic Science and Technology of China


Associate   professor

Yan Zijian

Chengdu Conference and Exhibition   Service Industry Association

Secretary   general

Diao Yue

Chengdu Branch, Beijing Aerospace   Measurement and Control Technology Co., Ltd., CASIC First Institute

Vice   general manager

Luo Peng

Sichuan HIMICE Cultural Creativity   Co., Ltd.


Member of Industrial Integration Development Working Committee,   Institute of Financial Strategy, CAS

Zhang Zheng

Chengdu MICE New Economy Industrial   Park

Chengdu Ganjinpai Culture   Development Co., Ltd.


General   manager

Chang Xiaoqing

Chengdu Tongyi Business Consulting   Co., Ltd.

Director   of International Department

CATTI   Level 2 Interpreter Certificate

Simultaneous   interpreter

Guo Changyong

Chengdu Yun Teng Electronics Co.,   Ltd.

General   manager

Shi Xingxiang

Chengdu Weizhi Chuangyuan   Technology Co., Ltd.

General   manager and founder

Tian Yun

Chengdu Haizhuo Micro Information   Technology Co., Ltd.

General   manager

Senior   economist and senior financial planner

Yi Lianping

Chengdu Dehao Lighting Engineering   Co., Ltd.

General   manager

Liu Hao

Chengdu HKWing Tech Ltd.

General   manager

Li Gang

Chengdu Smart E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

Chairman   and general manager

President of   China Tourism Industry International Cooperation Alliance

Hong Fengjun

Chengdu Xinyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Marketing   Director

Senior   engineer